The Baystate Paddlers Club

Club Membership Registration Form
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The club meets on Tuesday & Wednesday nights through the Summer, along with a Trip during the Fall

Please, check out our schedule on our website through our sponsors website:
and follow the link to the Baystate Paddlers Club.
You are welcome to bring a guest as a non member to each of our meets.
 ~ Rentals available for Club meets ~
They will be delivered to the Club event for you
Members $15 per person
Non-Members $20 per person
Includes a Life jacket and paddle. Regular Price $32
Please reserve your kayak or canoe in advance!
Call Fin & Feather Sports at: (508)529-3901 a $10 reservation fee is required.


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New Single $20         New Family $30         Renewal Single $15         Family $25

Make Checks Payable to Fin & Feather Sports
Mail to: Paddle Club C/O Fin & Feather Sports PO Box 314, Upton, MA 01568-0314


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